Neighbourhood Downtown


The new downtown of the 20th century

Since the late 19th century, downtown Montreal has been sufficiently built up to play a major role in the social, cultural, and business life of the metropolis. Bordered by Guy, De la Gauchetière, Saint-Urbain, and Sherbrooke streets, it encompasses the central business district that was formerly located in Old Montreal. Its architectural diversity reveals the rich history of the neighbourhood and its many influences and functions. Universities, department stores, shopping malls, railway terminals, apartments, upscale residences, head offices, bars, cafes, colleges, public squares, and towering skyscrapers all vie for space. The downtown core is now a thriving business sector and boasts the world's largest underground city. It is the venue for major festivals and home to museums, concert halls, and monuments creating a highly cultural environment. It is the business, financial, and cultural heart of the city.

Image : HM_ARC_004350

Adjacent buildings to Place Ville Marie (lit up at night)

© Courtoisie de SITQ -Place Ville Marie, © Héritage Montréal