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St. James United Church


St. James United Church was designed by the architect Alexander F. Dunlop in Gothic Revival style of the Victorian period. The church is in the form of a Latin cross, with a projecting chancel and a rectangular apse. True to the characteristics of Gothic Revival, it is imposing in its dimensions and its polychrome facade is decorated by a magnificent rose window and two asymmetrical towers, as well as Gothic arches, buttresses, pinnacles, trefoils and quatrefoils. The cladding ranges from red Ontario sandstone and beige Baie des Chaleurs sandstone to grey Montreal limestone.

In the interior, Victorian taste dominates. Horseshoe-shaped balconies surround the well-proportioned nave - the amphitheatre layout is unusual for North America. The chancel is remarkable in its simplicity: the altar, the organ console and pews are the only furniture. Cast iron pillars support the balconies, and the series of inverted arches of the ceiling is impressive. The organ is by Casavant Frères.

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Église St. James Methodist

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Élévation avant projet
Groupe Cardinal Hardy

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Élévation après projet
Groupe Cardinal Hardy

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Rénovation église St. James United - vue sur la rosace et sur les structures des commerces démolis

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Plan d'implantation de l'église - projet

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Église Unie Saint-James, plan du rez-de-chaussé

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Église Unie Saint-James, élévation du pignon
Antoine Rouleau, photographe

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St. James Methodist Church

13.7 cm x 8.6 cm
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