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Arthur Dubuc House


Typical of this section of Sherbrooke Street East, a late 19th-century upper-middle-class francophone neighbourhood, this house proudly bears the name of its builder and first inhabitant, Arthur Dubuc, a prosperous building contractor.

In 1912 it became the property of eccentric businessman Ucal-Henri Dandurand, who played an important role in real estate speculation in the early 20th century. The prestigious Club Canadien de Montréal acquired the building in 1926.

Practically abandoned in 1979, the Dubuc House fell prey to squatters and vandals. It was recognized as a Historic Monument in 1989. Its transformation into luxury housing, starting in 1993, required persistent monitoring from the City.

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La maison Arthur-Dubuc

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Maison Dandurand ("The Board of Trade of Montreal. The Metropolis of the Dominion", Montreal, The Tr

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"Le 75e anniversaire du Club canadien" (La Patrie, 23 janvier 1949)