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La mort de Dante


Dante Alighieri is celebrated the world over for his masterpiece, the Divine Comedy. This monument to the great Italian poet commemorates the 600th anniversary of his death. The sculpture was done by the Italian-Canadian artist Carlo Balboni, thanks to the efforts of the newspaper L'Italia and Montreal's Italian community.

Inspired by a bust of Dante at the museum of Naples, the work shows the poet wearing a gown and an old-fashioned cap, a copy of his masterful Divine Comedy in his hands. In reference to the erudition of the poet's philosophical and literary works, two columns on the sides of the base support four bronze books. Plant motifs adorn the base, while a laurel branch in the centre symbolizes the work's immortality through the centuries.

Image : HM_ARC_001005

Monument à Alighieri Dante, "La mort de Dante", parc Dante