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In this game, an archaeological object invites the child to discover the site of Fort Lorette by completing five challenges found in five of the neighbourhood’s historic homes.  Each challenge provides the child with a key to the next home.

Challenge 1
In this challenge, the child must replace the decorative items on the plans for the facade of the La Visitation School.

Challenge 2
In this challenge, the child is asked to identify five differences between these two old neighbourhood homes.

Challenge 3
The challenge here is to place six of the neighbourhood’s most important buildings in the order of their foundation year.

Challenge 4
The challenge here is to match neighbourhood buildings with the correct historical figures.

Challenge 5
Here, the child has fun placing the steps for producing flour in the correct order.

At the end of the game, the child discovers the approximate location of Fort Lorette, since, to date, the exact location is still unknown.  If interested, the child can also learn more about life in Fort Lorette.

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