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Formerly Musée Historique Canadien


The building was designed in 1935 by architect Paul Lemieux, who also designed the Atwater Market. Although some parts of the Art Deco façade were changed with the arrival of the pharmacy, including the creation of openings, other aspects can still be admired. These include the Roman-style statues of the evangelists and the Art Deco doorway. The once yellow and pink walls are now white. The interior has been remodelled, with the dioramas giving way to the drugstore shelves.

Image : HM_ARC_001964

Historical Museum of Montreal

14.7 cm x 10.2 cm
© Dinu Bumbaru, © Héritage Montréal

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Musée historique canadien (Wax Museum)

© Ville de Montréal, Gestion de documents et archives (Microfiche UD-103-76), © Héritage Montréal