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Reid Wilson House


The Reid Wilson House, at the corner of Sherbrooke and Drummond Streets, is one of three Square Mile houses in a block that remains almost intact from the era. An excellent example of the mansions of the anglophone upper class in the Square Mile, its size and style reflect the wealth and ambition of its first owners.

Built for the banker Thomas Craig in 1882, between 1901 and 1936 it belonged to James Reid Wilson, one of the richest landowners of Montreal's high society. Subsequently, the house had several owners who transformed it by turns into doctors' offices, small apartments and student residences, albeit without irreparably compromising the integrity of its interior architecture.

Starting in 1951, the mansion proudly bore the name “Corby,” the distinctive emblem of Corby Distilleries Ltd., whose company headquarters then occupied the premises. They restored and renovated the building, which was recognized as a historic monument by the government of Quebec in 1974. Today, the building houses the offices of Vins Philippe Dandurand Inc.