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Redpath Museum


Alexander Cowper Hutchison
1838 - 1922

President of the Quebec Architectural Association, Alexander Cowper Hutchison was a founding member of the Royal Society of Canada, and one of those responsible for the creation of the McGill University School of Architecture. Trained first as a mason, he helped build Christ Church Cathedral in 1858. As an architect, he designed Montreal City Hall (1870), the Royal Insurance Building (1880), Redpath Museum (1882), Erskine and American Church (1893), the La Presse Building (1899), the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Building (1902) and the Canadian Express Building (1907), to name only a few. Hutchison was also the architect of a series of ice palaces in Dominion Square in the 1880s and the second mayor of Westmount. The successor firm of Hutchison and Wood continued into the first decades of the 20th century