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St. James United Church


To the delight of passersby, the Gothic Revival majesty of this church has recently been uncovered on Sainte-Catherine Street. The project to revitalize this splendid house of worship was carried out with funding from the City of Montreal and the provincial government. To provide income and help the church keep its doors open, commercial rental spaces had been built on the site. Between 1926 and 2006, the facade was completely obscured by the storefronts of Place Mercantile.

In addition to restoring the church itself, the area in front was redesigned as a public space, and the adjacent buildings were renovated.

Upon its completion in 1888, this was the largest Methodist church in Canada. In 1925, St. James Methodist Church became St. James United Church, as a result of the merger of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregationalist Churches of Canada. Since then, St. James has been a gathering place for Montreal's Protestants.

Image : HM_ARC_000023

St. James Methodist Church

8.8 cm x 13.9 cm
© Collection Dinu Bumbaru, © Héritage Montréal

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"St.James Methodist", ("The Board of Trade of Montreal. The Metropolis of the Dominion"), 1909, p. 19

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St. James Methodist Church

13.7 cm x 8.6 cm
© Collection Dinu Bumbaru, © Héritage Montréal

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Rue Sainte-Catherine, commerces devant l'église Unie Saint-James

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Vue anticipée de l'église en plongée après projet
Groupe Cardinal Hardy

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Rénovation - vue de la rue à partir du chantier

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Église Unie Saint-James, côté ouest