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Piscine Lévesque


Built in 1908 by architect U.J. Asselin, the building had many construction flaws. Less than a year after opening, the ceiling above the pool caved in, and the moisture severely damaged much of the decorative woodwork. In 1958, major renovation resulted in the loss of many original features, and subsequent additions were made with little attention to harmony of design.

In 1998, the architectural firm LeMoyne Lapointe Magne was commissioned to do justice to this example of the first generation of Montreal's public baths. After taking note of the aesthetic and architectural lapses, as well as the building's advanced state of deterioration, they finally opted to completely rebuild the structure while preserving certain original elements, including the pool itself, the columns, the framework, the location and profile of the basin.

Thus, although the new construction reflects contemporary sensibilities, ensuring a certain architectural continuity in the neighbourhood's urban environment, the ambiance of the original bath is preserved by the retention of original elements. The new Lévesque Pool opened its doors in 1999.

Image : HM_ARC_001587

Bain Lévesque, intérieur, rue Marie-Anne