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Arthur Dubuc House


Built in 1894 to plans by architect Alphonse Raza, the Arthur Dubuc House exemplifies the flamboyant taste characteristic of Montreal architecture in the last two decades of the 19th century. Although its roof forms and turrets are in the Château Style, close observation of this building reveals several elements of different time periods and from different countries, demonstrating a free interpretation of historic models. The Dubuc House on Sherbrooke Street never ceases to amaze.

The original building has undergone modifications over the years, first to accommodate the activities of the private club which owned it, and more recently for development into luxury housing.

It was designated a Historic Monument by the City of Montreal in 1989.

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Croquis de la Maison Arhtur Dubuc ("Canadian Architect and Builder", vol. 7, november 1894, Issue 11, plate 5)
November 1894
© Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art Libraries, © Héritage Montréal

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Maison Arthur Dubuc

12.5 cm x 18.9 cm

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Maison Arthur Dubuc

12.5 cm x 18.2 cm

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Maison Arthur Dubuc

12.8 cm x 18.9 cm

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Maison Arthur Dubuc

12.6 cm x 18.2 cm