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LeBer-Lemoyne House


Between 1670 and 1680, brothers-in-law Jacques Le Ber and Charles Le Moyne, both fur dealers, bought land from Robert Cavelier de La Salle and built a trading post here. When the post burned down, it was abandoned but was then rebuilt as a home by Guillaume de Lorimier and Marguerite Chorel de Saint-Romain, who bought the land in 1695. The house was inherited by their two children, who lived here until 1765, when it was sold to Hugh Heney. Heney renovated the house and had the land farmed, but never lived here himself. In the mid 19th century, the property was owned by Edward P. Wilgress, a retired soldier, before becoming the summer home of William Currie. In 1948, it was bought by the City of Lachine to house the Lachine Museum, which displays 400 items used in the daily lives of its occupants since 1669.

Image : HM_ARC_004923

House of LeBer-LeMoyne
Brian Merrett

6 cm x 6 cm
© Brian Merrett,, réf.001X, © Héritage Montréal