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Stables in the Carrières courtyard


In 1926, the City of Montreal's incineration department opened its first workshop. An incinerator was added to the site in 1929 as was a large two-storey stable that was built to house the many horses used by the City's departments - public works, road maintenance, garbage collection, and others. The stables thus played an important role and were later transformed into municipal workshops, used as warehouses and offices. Municipal garages, added in 1941, 1952, and 1956, were completely renovated in 1971. Today, this one-time stable - a curious anachronism in an industrial area - is located north of the Canadian Pacific railway tracks, next to the former municipal incinerator. It continues to operate as the “Complexe de voirie de la rue des Carrières.”

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Old stable on des Carrières Street

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Old stable belonging to the City of Montreal

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