Neighbourhood - Commemorative and public art

Untitled - Jean-Paul Mousseau


Well-known caricaturist and illustrator Robert La Palme was the Montreal métro's artistic director when Mousseau was chosen as the artist for the Peel Station. While La Palme hoped to make the métro system a history book, with representations of historic individuals and figurative elements, Mousseau wanted to create an abstract piece. His friendship with the station architects allowed Mousseau to realize his project, although not without a few rough moments in the process.

Mousseau's work at the Peel Station attracted the attention of Jean Dumontier, Architect-in-chief of the subway system. A few years later in 1972, Mousseau became artistic director for the Métro. His influence marked the rest of the system.

Unfortunately, today, several of the original circles have been removed from their original settings: only 35 of the original 54 remain where they were installed. In 1999, Réno-Métro, the métro's renovation project relocated the missing 19. While it is true that the correct way to hang abstract art may not be always be apparent…after renovation, the relocated disks were hung with Mousseau's signature upside down!