The Stolen Plans - Saint-Arsène School

The mission is to find architect Ernest Cormier’s stolen plans.  Five challenges take the child on a tour of the neighbourhood to collect pieces of the plans to build the school.

Challenge 1
The first challenge is to match the descriptions with the pictures which identify neighbourhood locations that have changed, disappeared or are no longer in use.

Challenge 2
The second challenge is to replace the decorative details onto the photograph of a triplex which is typical of the homes in Petite-Patrie.

Challenge 3
The third challenge is to recognize the extracurricular activities once enjoyed by students by linking the pictures with the descriptions.

Challenge 4
The fourth challenge is to identify the buildings that were not designed by the architect Ernest Cormier, who favoured the use of buff-coloured bricks, symmetry, and arched doors and windows.

Challenge 5
The fifth challenge is to replace the decorative details that have been removed from the front of Saint-Arsène School.

At the end of the game, the child watches as the school is being built and sees archival photos of the school when it was first opened.

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