The Mystery of the Maxwell Brothers - F.A.C.E. School

To solve the mystery surrounding the supposed existence of a planetarium in the school, the objective is to recreate the design of the coat of arms of F.A.C.E. school. Five challenges show how this Square Mile school hides unexpected treasures. There's even the opportunity to meet the Maxwell brothers, two prominent Montreal architects.

Challenge 1
Match each symbol to the correct caryatid supporting the cornice on the school's façade.

Challenge 2
Find two of the images in this series that are not in the Beaux Arts style.

Challenge 3
Try to determine the activities carried out at the school from various period photos.

Challenge 4
Guess which buildings designed by the Maxwell brothers have disappeared from the Square Mile.

Challenge 5
Study the school's floor plans to try to find the supposed planetarium.

At the end of the game, the player learns that the planetarium was one of the projects that was not carried out but is still part of the school's folklore.

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