Record Hunt - École Le Plateau

This game is the opportunity to explore the heart of La Fontaine Park and the heritage of École Le Plateau. The goal is to help pianist Pierre Brabant find his records. Each challenge enables the player of the game to recover one record and to discover the school's rich history. Once the five challenges have been met, a nice surprise awaits.

Challenge 1
Architect Jean-Julien Perreault asks the child to pick out the Art Deco details on the façade of the school he designed.

Challenge 2
Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine challenges the child to find the seven differences between two historic views of La Fontaine Park.

Wrong track!
Calixa Lavallée, composer of the national anthem "O Canada," sets no challenge. But he wants everyone to hear his famous song.

Challenge 3
Wilfrid Pelletier proposes finding the odd ones out in the history of music at École Le Plateau.

Challenge 4
Émile "Butch" Bouchard sets the challenge of completing a crossword puzzle on the sports played at the school.

Challenge 5
Jean Drapeau suggests a game of Who Am I? to explore the various uses of the rooms in the school.

Once all the challenges have been met, the child can listen to the music that Pierre Brabant played for physical education classes and see amusing and inspiring photos from that era.

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