Pont des Îles


Building the Pont des Îles was no simple matter: there were many constraints to the work. The heights of the upper and lower levels were governed by strict rules, and only one pier was allowed. Moreover, this pier had to be set in the centre of the structure. On top of that, the engineers could not use any structures or towers higher than the bridge's deck.

The two spans are therefore supported halfway along by 36 steel cables attached to a reinforced-concrete double tower right in the middle of the river. In silhouette, the tower looks like a gigantic, upside-down “V”. The guying method used for this 210-metre-long bridge is also very distinctive.

Like the Pont de la Concorde, of which it is an extension, the Pont des Îles reserved a lane nearly 10 metres wide for the Expo-Express train, and a similar width for pedestrian traffic. It is unusually elegant in profile.

Image : HM_ARC_003240

Pont des îles and Concordia Bridge in construction

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Image : HM_ARC_003167

Panoramic view of the Expo '67 sport and recreation installations on St. Helen's and Notre-Dame islands

15 cm x 10 cm
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Expo '67 monorail passing on the Pont des îles

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